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Favorite food: Barbeque ribs. Favorite city: Barcelona, Spain. Favorite movie: To Sir With Love. Favorite cocktail: Italian margarita. Guilty Pleasures: Thrift store shopping & movie matinees

As an erotic storyteller, scriptwriter & producer, I've held a love & fascination for all things sensual & seductive for almost two decades. And because of my love for travel and years working in event management, I created Cultural Pleasure Points as a purveyor of erotic experiences services and sensual events.


But more importantly, I wanted to establish a platform for like-minded sex-positive women & men to have transformative experiences and explore the intersection between travel, art, culture & pleasure.

During my twenty years in Las Vegas, I wrote & co-produced a scripted adult sketch-comedy & live cabaret show, Oh Yea Right There for over five years.

I am unapologetically passionate about promoting women’s sexual expression and female-centric erotic entertainment. I believe women should feel empowered to create their own sexual narratives and experiences.


Join us as a daring single, a romance-seeking couple or with a small entourage of sistah-friends or brothas. 


Immerse yourself in pleasure with me!

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